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About Erin Sekulich, Nutritionist

Seattle Nutritionist Erin Sekulich joined Seattle Healing in April 2016 and is dedicated to healthy, practical eating with a long-term plan that fits an individual’s lifestyle. Erin has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness, and she considered many different career paths before settling on her real passion: nutrition.

Before working in private practice, Erin taught nutrition and health classes at local colleges, provided weight loss coaching in group and individual settings, and counseled bariatric surgery patients. Her specialties include weight management, digestive health, food allergies and intolerances, chronic illness, and inflammatory conditions.

Training and Education

  • Bastyr University: Masters of Science in Nutrition, 2002
  • University of British Columbia: Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, 1999


My Story and Philosophy

We cannot underestimate the power that food exerts over our well-being. However, eating well in our culture can feel like a part-time job. Too often, our decisions are influenced by fad diets, the temptation of the latest “superfood,” or simply a lack of time. People struggle to make lasting changes. And, the constant barrage of conflicting nutrition information can leave your head spinning.

This is where I come in. Let me help you sort through all the noise, listen to your body, and come up with a dietary approach that works for you. One diet does not fit all! We will work together to set realistic goals and find practical ways to achieve them. I don’t believe that gluten is evil, that our Paleolithic ancestors had all the answers, or that you must eat quinoa every day. But, I do believe in moderation, whole foods, and a solid nutritional foundation that nourishes your body and your mind. My hope is to empower you to discover a realistic path towards optimal health.

Erin Sekulich, Nutritionist at Seattle Healing

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