Weight Loss

Holistic weight loss approaches a person as a whole being, addressing the root causes of a problem rather than merely treating the symptoms. As a result, a holistic approach can help you achieve meaningful, long-term weight loss.

Diet and exercise are key when it comes to losing weight, and nutritional counseling can help you understand what food will best support you in achieving a healthy weight. Knowing what to eat can be confusing, and different body types benefit from different diets. Working with a nutritionist will help you determine what diet program is right for you as well as teach you how to shop for and prepare meals that are easy, fun, and delicious! In addition, a nutritionist can show you ways to enjoy food that are healthy and beneficial. Eating healthy is not a punishment—it’s a gift you give to yourself.

Alternative therapies, such as hypnotherapy, Reiki, and coaching, can help you address the emotional attachment you might have to unhealthy foods, which leads to self-sabotage when you’re trying to lose weight. In our program, we address both the physical and mental components of weight loss. We look at not only at what you should be eating but also why you’re not making the choices that lead to optimal health and well-being. Discovering the answer to this question can help you avoid patterns of self-sabotage and facilitate the emotional healing that leads to maintaining long-term weight loss.

Our holistic approach to weight loss gives you all of the tools you need to succeed. You will learn which foods are most beneficial to avoid cravings and lose weight, create a plan of action to take the necessary steps to reach your goals, and discover and release what is holding you back from stepping into your ideal body and, ultimately, your ideal self.

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Our Holistic Weight Loss Programs

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