Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Explore your spirituality through hypnosis in our three-session package. Each 120-minute session of Spiritual Hypnotherapy provides a pathway to inner exploration, awareness, and transformation.

Session One: Setting Your Spiritual Intention

The purpose of this first Spiritual Hypnotherapy session is to explore your current goals and challenges in life. We will focus on gaining clarity around your spiritual intentions and identifying any blocks that could be getting in your way. Through hypnotherapy, we will explore your life’s purpose and access the information that will support you in getting on your intended life path.

Session Two: Spirit Journey and Meeting Your Spirit Guides

A Spirit Journey uses hypnosis as a means to access information, wisdom, and spiritual guidance from your higher self. By connecting you to your subconscious mind, we open communication with your spirit guides. This session enables you to fully engage in conversation and connect with your spirit guides. Doing so can be comforting because it reminds us that we are never alone and that divine guidance is always available to us. Cultivating relationships with your guides can improve the quality of your life and be a meaningful source of guidance that provides help and clarity on your spiritual journey in general.

Often, the results of a Spirit Journey are surprising as unknown information is discovered. Some clients set a specific goal for the session, and others allow the subconscious mind to go where it needs to go. Either way, clients encounter information that can be integrated into their personal lives.

Session Three: Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression uses hypnotherapy as a means of recalling past life experiences. This session is both transformational and healing, and it provides several possible benefits. During a Past Life Regression, you might discover hidden talents, identify the root of current blocks, or find more compassion for yourself and others. After a session, you might feel a sense of inner peace and self-acceptance. And, Past Life Regression also can be a means of exploring your life purpose, overcoming fears around death and dying, and give insight into why you have chosen your current life circumstances and the lessons you are here to learn. Plus, this type of therapy is beneficial regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs. You don’t even need to believe in reincarnation to benefit from this technique.

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