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About Andi Lucas: Business Coach Seattle Healing

Andi has more than 20 years of marketing, editing/writing, and overall business experience. She started her career in magazine journalism, editing a variety of magazines—from rocks and mining to children’s toys. When she was just 23 years old, Andi co-founded a magazine, Citizen Jane, in Richmond, Va., focused on professional women in the area. Most recently, Andi spent eight years in marketing and merchandising at and has since started her own firm.

Credentials and Education

  • Current: Owner, CEO, and Business Coach at Hummingbird Marketing Services;
  • Previous: Senior Marketing Manager at and Campaign Strategist at SMART Technologies; Editor at Ascend Media Group, Key3Media Group, and Krause Publications
  • SEO Master
  • Kent State University: BA—News Journalism


My Story

I think I was about 7 years old when I knew that I wanted to be a journalist. I would sit at the typewriter and create newspaper editions, complete with advertisements and stories only a 7-year-old could dream up. I went to journalism school in Ohio, and I knew I was in love with the field when I did my first internship: reporter at Penobscot Bay Press in Stonington, Maine, where I worked on three weekly local newspapers. I was writing almost 10 stories a week, and I could not have been happier!

After graduation, I moved all over the country for different editorial jobs—from Richmond, Va., to Boston to Los Angeles. I’ve edited countless magazine articles, several books, and more content (online and off) than I can even fathom. I loved that work!

But as we all have seen, the world of print publishing is in crisis, and newspapers are folding left and right. I needed to make a change, and I found a great marketing and merchandising role in Seattle. (The Emerald City is my favorite city by far!) Over the next decade, I learned how to survive in a very difficult corporate environment, striving to still be creative while delivering results and effective marketing strategies in a virtually nonstop business. It wasn’t easy, but I learned an incredible amount, and I want to share it with you.

We all know the adage: Work to live, not live to work. And it’s the truth! So let’s partner to discover your best business self—whether that’s in a corporate environment or in the self-employment realm. You deserve to be happy and enjoy the work you do. Let’s make it happen!

Andi Lucas, Business Coach at Seattle Healing
Photo by Haley McLain

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Andi Lucas, Business Coach
My 6th birthday--did I know my dreams then?
Andi Lucas, Business Coach
A handful of books and magazines I've edited over the years.
Andi Lucas, Business Coach
My Mom and Stepdad with me for my senior prom, 1991
Andi Lucas, Business Coach
My Dad and me at my college graduation, 1996
Andi Lucas, Business Coach
At my intern's desk in Maine, 1993
Andi Lucas, Business Coach
With my sister and mom, 2015