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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Many methods are available to eliminate the smoking or tobacco habit. Patches, gums, and prescription medications can help support getting through the symptoms of physical withdrawal associated with smoking cessation. However, for many smokers, these options aren’t enough because they don’t address the emotional attachment the individual has to cigarettes or tobacco.

If you’re having trouble quitting, it might be because you haven’t addressed the part of tobacco withdrawal that is emotional. Many clients report feeling like they are losing a friend, a source of comfort or relaxation, a way of connecting with other people, or even an aspect for their identity once they attempt to live a tobacco-free life. Often, this emotional withdrawal can lead to depression and anxiety that will ultimately sabotage individuals’ success, sending them back to the habit they are so desperately trying to break.

Hypnotherapy supports you in processing the emotions that you’re experiencing about quitting. Our smoking cessation program helps you identify what emotional attachments and positive associations you have to smoking and reframe them. Through the use of hypnosis, we help you replace these thoughts with positive associations for a healthy lifestyle and reinforce thoughts that remind you of the harmful effects of tobacco use.

For example, many smokers start to smoke as an act of rebellion. At the time, they see themselves as claiming their freedom and independence by smoking cigarettes. This is usually the outdated mindset of a teenager who doesn’t relate as an adult in any way; however, that subconscious programming could be sabotaging their efforts to quit.

Through the use of hypnotic suggestion and therapeutic techniques, we can help you see and, more importantly, feel that smoking does not grant you freedom but instead takes it away by robbing you of your health, money, and time. Even if you’re aware of these thoughts in a conscious state, working with the subconscious mind will help you to see and feel this truth on a deeper level. For many, it leads to a reduction in cravings and ultimately quitting for good.

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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking at Seattle Healing