Laura Richer, CHt

Meet Coach Laura Richer

Laura Richer is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Life Coach. Her love of learning has taken Laura to Western Washington University, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Basytr University, and Seattle Life Coach Master Training as well as many self-help seminars, transformational workshops, yoga classes, spiritual retreats, and much more. Laura has her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University. In her words, “I love this work!”



  • Antioch University: MA—Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Western Washington University: BA
  • Bastyr University: Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: Life Coach Certification
  • Seattle Life Coach Training: Master Life Coach Certification



Meet Laura Richer

My Story

I totally get it. This stuff is intense! Change can be exciting or scary … or both. Sometimes, it’s just the shake-up we need to get us back on our right path, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying when everything seems to be unfamiliar or falling apart. Whether you are dealing with a positive change—like becoming a new parent, getting married, or creating a business—or a difficult transition, such as the loss of a job or relationship, transition can be EXHAUSTING. It might even leave you feeling lost or just not yourself. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and someone who has lived it, I can assist you in creating a deeper connection to yourself and help guide you to the answers that are already within you. I will help you to gain clarity and define success on your own terms. I encourage my clients to explore and release limiting beliefs as a path to self-love and self-discovery. Together, we will work through the rough stuff using a combination of awesome hypnotherapy techniques and coaching tools.

My own transformation path has led me right to you.

Here is my story…

When I was in the first grade,  I was placed in the Green Group for advanced readers. I was very verbal and excelled in school. I also saw my name daily on the blackboard for excessive socializing, a repeat offender. Overnight camp was the best part of every summer. A few years ago, I went on a three-day road trip with my best friend of 30 years. We never turned the radio on once or ran out of things to say. I have an unlimited curiosity for words and people, stories, ideas, and all things mystical. I love a new adventure!

So how did I end up here?

Laura Richer, Founder and Owner of Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy
I always loved reading! Here I am at my grandma’s house, circa 1980.
Laura Richer, Founder and Owner of Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy
Hiking The Olympics with my grandpa at age 7
Laura Richer, Founder and Owner of Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy
Enjoying my European travels, September 1998
Laura Richer, Founder and Owner of Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy
My friend Shaylee and me—besties since 4th grade.

At college, I studied psychology, philosophy, poetry, feminism, literary criticism, and Spanish; consequently, I am a rather valuable Trivial Pursuit partner as long as I don’t get any of the sports or science questions.

I followed the recipe I had been given for happiness as I understood it. I got great grades throughout school (except for Gym class). I went to college and graduated, backpacked around Europe and spent a few years living abroad, found a corporate job with excellent benefits, had a beautiful wedding, married a cute guy with a sexy east coast accent, bought a house, and settled in to what appeared on the outside to be a shiny and perfect little slice of the dream. However, the inside was a different story. I hated my job, l did not feel connected in my relationships, and I lived in a city that felt like anything but home to me. I had very consciously created this life. Nothing was forced on me, and yet I still found myself unfulfilled.

And so over the course of the next several years, I burned my old life to the ground. My marriage ended, I left my corporate job, I moved home to Seattle, and I started over. Only to find that I still felt miserable. This was hugely disappointing, considering I had blamed all of the outside circumstances in my life for my discontent. I decided I did not want this to be my story. I started saying yes to the things that inspired me. I began to connect with what I really wanted. I let go of a lot of the “shoulds” and started creating a life that felt good on the inside instead of caring about what it looked like on the outside. I know this will be a lifelong practice.

I opened Seattle Healing in 2012. I have connected with the most amazing people. A magic alchemy of healing, teaching, and learning comes from the interaction I have with my clients who are caught in the storm of transition and transformation. It’s no small truth to say that this practice has changed my life.

And here I am: content and inspired on a daily basis. Even though I don’t have ALL of my stuff figured out, I—for the most part—find myself living in that flow that makes life feel easy and fun.

I have a conscious, loving relationship with myself, the unwavering support of my family, and cherished friends whom I would not hesitate to call should I ever need anything. I am running my own business and recently became a graduate student. Two things I had always dreamed of doing but didn’t see as realistic possibilities are now my current everyday reality. I have returned to the place where I feel the most at home, which is Seattle. I have traveled to quite a few places on the map but nothing compares; the Pacific Northwest is home to me.

And after well over a decade of being in the wrong job, I have gone from being a miserable and mediocre corporate employee to finding my purpose and looking forward to going to work every single day.

I don’t ever want the conversation to be over.



“I’m a 21-year-old guy who was going through some tough times, mainly regarding self-confidence, self-sabotage, and addiction. I started meeting with Laura once a week, and I can’t articulate enough how much she has changed my life for the better. Laura helped me talk through my issues and discover the hidden reasons that were holding me back from being happy. When we delved into hypnotherapy, she helped me rediscover a love for myself that I had lost since childhood. Laura is extremely open, positive, and non-judgmental, and she only wants the best for anyone on her couch. I simply can’t recommend her enough. If you go into her sessions with an open mind and a willingness to do the work necessary to heal, then I have no doubt she can help you tremendously. 5/5.”
— Jake G., Bellevue, Wash.

“I had a wonderful experience at Seattle Healing. I left feeling very relaxed and peaceful. It helped give me good insight on issues I was struggling with. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who is looking for a hypnotherapist.”
— Diane W., Bothell, Wash.

“I started going to hypnotherapy for weight loss, specifically, but I’ve gotten so much more out of it. I always considered myself a self-aware person, but working with Laura I’ve found more and more layers that I needed to uncover to get to the root of my issue(s). It’s been very beneficial and cathartic, one of the most life- and self-changing events I’ve gone through. In every session, I come out feeling stronger, more centered and focused, and have a clear goal until our next session.”
— Molly B., Seattle, Wash.