Past Life Regression Hypnosis: Does It Really Work?

Past Life Regression Really Works by Coach Laura Richer, CHt, of Richer Healing Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching in Seattle and Beyond

Past Life Regression Hypnosis: Does It Really Work?

The answer is Yes! As long as you know what to expect. Once considered a new age attention-grabber, past life regression therapy is becoming an extremely useful therapeutic tool accepted by more mainstream practitioners. Whether you believe in past lives and reincarnation or not, past life regression can have immense value in helping an individual to identify blocks and diffuse the emotional energy that is keeping them stuck.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis at Seattle Healing HypnotherapyAlthough many clients choose to do a past life regression for the sake of curiosity, most find that whatever is troubling them in this present life, will correlate with what they are shown in a past life. The therapeutic benefit of this tool is that the client can identify the original trigger and collapse the anchor that is connecting them to the reaction they are wishing to modify or change. Re-experiencing the significant events of a past life and reprocessing their impact, helps bring closure to events of that lifetime. This then minimizes or eliminates the impact they are having on the client in this lifetime, enabling them to move forward with freedom and clarity. Even if one does not believe that these are true past life memories they can still operate as symbolic stories and are just as effective in resolving current issues.

During a past life regression session, I put the client into a highly relaxed or “hypnotic” state and then move them back to an earlier time or past lifetime. Hypnosis enhances one’s memory and limits the constraints of your analytical mind, allowing the conscious mind to be bypassed. This is a state similar to the dream state, where it is much easier to call up symbols and images. However, you are not asleep and remain aware and conscious of what is going on around you.

If you are wondering whether past life regression will really work for you, be assured that it is only on rare occasions that a client does not bring up any past life content. It can occur that instead of a past life memory, a childhood memory or situations in the present needs to be worked on first. The best approach is to approach the experience with an open mind, knowing your subconscious will reveal to you exactly what it is that you need to experience. Another commonly asked question is “How will I experience a past life regression?”. While some people experience a past life regression vividly in great detail, like watching a movie on the big screen others do not. Others will find that the information comes to them as an inner knowing and may find impressions somewhat vague. Information can be perceived in a number of ways. You might experience physical sensations, hearing what people are saying around you, or just knowing something intuitively. The best approach is to just allow it to happen and not to worry about whether it is “real” or makes sense or not. Trust whatever comes up at the time, most clients come to some sort of “aha” by the end of the session even if the information doesn’t make sense at the beginning of the session.

If you are interested in exploring your past lives, whether it is to uncover the origin of a current issue or just out of curiosity, schedule a complimentary consultation.