Forgiveness Hypnotherapy

Are you having trouble letting go? Forgiveness Hypnotherapy can Help!

I have been using the F word a lot in my practice lately…FORGIVENESS. The other F word comes up quite a bit as well. Let’s be honest, that is what we really want to say to those who have wronged or hurt us, maybe throwing in an accompanying hand gesture to boot. So why try forgiveness Hypnotherapy then? Who deserves forgiveness? I mean certainly not your dysfunctional family or cheating ex or the ass kisser at work who stole your idea, right? Probably not, they are terrible people! However, one person does deserve all of the benefits of forgiveness and that is YOU!

When we hold someone in judgment or harbor resentments we stay connected to the past. There is an emotional hook that keeps us energetically tied to that person or past event. Your divorce may have been finalized ten years ago but if you haven’t forgiven yourself or ex, it might feel like you are still going through it, still telling that same story, and still worst of all connected to whatever that horrible thing was that happened. That is because you haven’t let go. Forgiveness hypnotherapy is not about learning to condon what has happened in the past, what happened was just plain rotten and you are never going to change your mind about that. However, you don’t have to experience it over and over again in your current reality if you simply forgive. Forgiveness is simply letting go. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees the forgiveness is good for your health.

Forgiveness Hypnotherapy

In hypnotherapy, forgiveness work is done without any interpersonal exchange between you and the violator because the violator is not present. This work is especially beneficial when the violator expresses no remorse or willingness to right the wrong, you may choose not to interact with the violator or the violator is deceased. None of these possibilities have any effect on the forgiveness work once you make the decision to forgive. The purpose of this process is to free you from the internal prison of anger and hurt, opening your heart to a new level of love and freedom. What would you do with all of that love and freedom? Imagine what it would be like to be free of a dysfunctional childhood or painful break up. Who would you be? What would you manifest in your life if you were free of the past?

Written by Laura Richer
Laura Richer, CHt, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Life Coach. Laura's love of learning has taken her to Western Washington University, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Basytr University, and Seattle Life Coach Master Training as well as many self-help seminars, transformational workshops, yoga classes, spiritual retreats, and much more.

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