Life Coaching Skype Sessions: A Q&A with a Client in Ohio

Life Coaching via Skype: Meet with Coach Laura Richer from Anywhere

Life Coaching Skype Sessions: A Q&A with a Client in Ohio

One of the services offered at Seattle Healing is the ability to have Life Coaching Skype sessions as well as Hypnotherapy sessions via Skype. This capability is especially valuable to clients who don’t live in the area. We sat down with one Seattle Healing client, Nici, who lives in the Northeast Ohio area and has been working with Laura since September 2014. Nici has family who resides in Seattle, and she initially met with Laura on a visit to the area. But after returning home to Ohio, Nici knew that she still needed Laura’s help, and she remembered the Skype capability. That’s when everything fell into place.

Life coaching Skype sessions at Seattle Healing

Nici, Skype client of Seattle Healing

What brought you to Laura and Seattle Healing?

My sister and her friends had visited Laura for a variety of reasons, and they all recommended her. I was very interested in talking with Laura as a Life Coach because at that time in my life, I really needed advice about my career and where my life was headed. So I met with her in person for three sessions, but about four months later, I realized that I needed to talk with her again. And since January, I’ve been Skyping with Laura regularly.

How was the transition from in-person sessions to Skype sessions?

I had zero transition issues at all. With Skype, it really is like talking to Laura in person because we’re having such a normal conversation. I still have that same personal interaction without needing to be in the office. I can see her and her facial expressions and mannerisms, and she can see the same of me, so it’s like we’re sitting right in front of each other.

What do you like about having Skype sessions?

It’s so accessible and can be anywhere, any time. So even if I need to travel, I could still have a session with Laura from my hotel room. I’m not limited to being in her office at a certain day and time. Plus, I’m in my house, so I am very comfortable and in my own environment; I’m very calm and relaxed. And I think Skype is a great alternative for clients who are uncomfortable going into an office or dealing with traffic.

Do you think it’s beneficial to meet Laura first?

Honestly, I don’t think it would have mattered. I was able to get a full grasp of her personality from Skype because of the ability to see each other. Also, I am recommending her to a couple of my friends in Ohio, and they won’t have the opportunity to meet Laura in person, but it’s perfectly fine. Skype feels so face-to-face.

“Skyping with Laura would be beneficial to absolutely anyone—someone trying to make a change, someone who is fearful of going into an office, someone who’s far away, someone who needs help on career or life. I say, just try it out; it will help tremendously.”
— Nici, Skype client of Seattle Healing

What kinds of changes has Laura helped you with so far?

For me, it’s always been career. And Laura has helped me see that I’ve possibly limited myself because I thought I had to go in one direction with my career versus the other. But the truth is, many of my personal interests can be a part of my career.

What kind of impact has Laura had on your life?

A tremendous impact. She’s helped me to realize something that I’ve wanted to do for years, and I’ve been working steadily over the past few months on this project. I’m eternally grateful for her help. I think that if I hadn’t chosen to work with Laura over Skype, I would still be sitting on that dream and not doing anything about it because I would think it was impossible.

Is there anything that’s come to fruition that we can share?

I’ve been focusing on my new blog, called AdventureMusicLife. It’s a blog where I can share my adventures—big and small—with others in the hopes of inspiring them to have adventures of their own. It’s incredible for me to see it all come together, and that wouldn’t have happened without Laura’s help., a blog that a Seattle Healing client was able to launch after working with Laura.