20 Mar 2016

What to Expect in a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Session

It might not be what you think …

What should I eat? How much should I weigh? What about diets? Which one is best for me? How can I stop obsessing about food? How can I be happy with the body I have? How can I stop hating certain parts of my body? When we are concerned about our weight and appearance, these questions seem to run on an endless loop in our minds. As a hypnotherapist, I love these questions. Although fixating on questions around weight and body issues can be unpleasant or even painful, they serve as a portal into our inner lives and are a gateway to transformation.

Seattle Healing Hypnosis: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Focusing on questions around body issues can be unpleasant and painful, but they serve as a gateway to transformation.

Think of the issues that you are grappling with as an unwanted guest knocking at the door. They are not going away until their message is received. During a hypnotherapy session, you have the opportunity to answer that door, invite the guest in, and listen to what they have to say.

For example, let’s say your issue is binge eating. We may ask the part of you that chooses this behavior what it is trying to accomplish. Perhaps it wants to keep you from experiencing negative emotions. Binging may have allowed you to push down feelings that you do not want to experience and might have been a necessary coping mechanism in the past. However, this behavior may be now causing you more discomfort than relief, and it’s not working anymore. Binging could be alerting you to some underlying emotions that you are avoiding that need to be addressed. This may be a part of yourself that wants attention or needs to be heard. Your emotions are messengers, even the negative ones.

In a weight loss hypnotherapy session, we partner together to uncover what you really want. As your guide, I will help you to explore these underlying, subconscious patterns that keep you locked in dysfunctional behaviors, feelings, and responses.

When subconscious feelings are brought into conscious awareness, you can start to make different decisions about how to deal with the feelings you once needed to suppress. It’s not a matter of willpower anymore, but of awareness.Seattle Healing Hypnosis: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

I believe we all need more Vitamin L. Love. I don’t think we can hate or bash ourselves into transformation. To change our behaviors and feelings about ourselves and our bodies, we need compassion, understanding, love, and even humor and laughter. I would love to tell you that I have the three magic words that will make you stop eating ice cream, but there is no magic bullet. Issues with weight, food, and body are an opportunity, a doorway to growth and change. I am honored to accompany my clients as they open that door.

At Seattle Healing, we can help you work on issues with weight in a variety of ways: hypnosis with me, nutritional counseling with Erin Sekulich, life coaching with Laura Richer, and energy healing and Reiki with Kelley Evans. It’s a fantastic multi-faceted way to heal all the issues around food, your body, and your mind.



Didi Graves

Diane “Didi” Graves, CHt, is a Past Life Regression Therapist and a medical hynotherapist. Didi Graves has been with Seattle Healing and Hypnosis since 2013. Originally from Idaho, Didi has been in Seattle since 1980.

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