18 May 2016

3 Steps to Quickly Change Careers

We’ve all been raised to believe in and strive for achieving The American Dream. College, good corporate job, marriage, family, house with picket fence. But what if you don’t fit the mold?

Corporate America is great for many people. It provides security in regular work and a steady paycheck. It usually comes with good benefits—health, dental, vision, retirement plan, and more. But working in Corporate America certainly is not for everyone.

In just 54 seconds, I explain my foolproof, three-step plan for escaping.

I am the resident Business Coach at Seattle Healing as well as the founder and owner of Hummingbird Marketing Services. I didn’t fit into the corporate mold, and it took me almost 20 years to finally realize it and try something on my own. I am finally content in my career, and I am thriving because I was able to turn my passion into my livelihood. Is it scary sometimes? Yes! But is it the most rewarding chance I’ve ever taken? Absolutely!

Are you struggling to find happiness at your corporate job, and are you sitting on a great idea (or many) and think you could start your own business? I WANT TO TALK TO YOU! You can do this, and Seattle Healing can help you. Owner Laura Richer and I have put together a 16-week Career Transformation Program that combines Life Coaching (aka the emotional support you need to surpass the blocks that are holding you back) and Business Consulting (aka the structured details, sound-boarding, and marketing strategy you need to get started) to help you change your career … and change your life.

Let’s get started!

Andi Lucas

Andi Lucas is a business coach for Seattle Healing as well as the founder and owner of Hummingbird Marketing Services. Andi has more than 20 years of marketing, editing/writing, and overall business experience.

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