Why Hire a Life Coach? We Have Four Reasons

Why Hire a Life Coach? by Coach Laura Richer, CHt, of Richer Healing Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching in Seattle and Beyond

Why Hire a Life Coach? We Have Four Reasons

You’ve probably heard of a life coach. You might even have a friend or colleague who’s worked with one. But why should you hire one? We have four great reasons, and they will change your life.

Why Hire a Life Coach: Feeling Stuck#1 You Are Feeling Stuck

Do you have a big decision to make and don’t know what direction to go? Are you considering making a bigger commitment in your relationship, leave a toxic relationship, change jobs, or relocate geographically? Are there so many what ifs and shoulds swimming around in your mind that you have no idea which way to go?

A life coach will help you dig underneath all of the confusion and quiet the inner critic that has you scared and wanting to play it safe. We can help you uncover what is important about this decision as well as what’s holding you back from pursuing what you truly desire. Through the process of working with a life coach, you can connect with your authentic self so that you can move forward with clarity and purpose.

#2 You Are Unhappy

Why Hire a Life Coach: Feeling UnhappyIf you are unhappy, you know that something needs to change. You might know exactly what that change is, but you’re too afraid to do what is necessary to create a life that is authentic to you. Or maybe you haven’t yet identified what needs to change but unhappiness is telling you that something is not right. Or maybe it’s you that needs to make a shift.

Sessions with a life coach can help you identify and dissolve limiting beliefs that are running in the background. A life coach can shift you out of helplessness and bring you back to peace. Your coach will help you pinpoint what is making you unhappy—oftentimes, it’s not exactly what you think—and support you in making changes that reflect your core values.

#3 You Crave Deeper, More Connected Relationships

Why Hire a Life Coach: Strengthen RelationshipsMany of us blame our circumstances or our quality of life on our loved ones. When you work with a life coach, you learn to release blame and take responsibility for your own life. Doing so is empowering because it frees you from the energy that keeps you stuck in past disappointments and resentments.

When you empower yourself to create a life that is authentic to who you truly are and see the results that you desire, your positive energy increases. This will, in turn, influence how you interact in your relationships. It will elevate the quality of your relationships because you are no longer putting expectations on those around you. When you are responsible for your own happiness, you can truly enjoy the significant people in your life.

#4 You Are Ready to Make Your Dreams and Goals a Reality

Why Hire a Life Coach: Reach GoalsA life coach will help you to set goals and stay motivated while you are working toward achieving your dreams. First, your coach will help you identify realistic and achievable goals that align with your values. Choosing goals that are aligned with what you authentically desire are naturally motivating.

Then together, you and your coach will develop a strategy and action plan. Finally, your coach will help you work through blocks and fears as they come up, holding you accountable for following through on your action plan.


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