Past Life Regression Therapy: It’s Nothing New

Past Life Regression with Coach Laura Richer at Richer Healing Hynpotherapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching

Past Life Regression Therapy: It’s Nothing New

Past Life Regression with Laura Richer at Seattle Healing Hynpotherapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching

Past Life Regression is a type of hypnotherapy that is used to help clients explore past life memories. It is a therapeutic tool that can help clients increase self-awareness and gain insight into unexplained issues in their lives by bringing subconscious information and memories into the client’s conscious awareness.

Regression therapy is considered a root-cause therapy. In other words, the hypnotherapist takes the client back to a time when an issue initially began so that the client can re-experience the event. This process of examining past memories allows the client to become de-sensitized to the triggering experience. It also can help them to reframe how they are currently viewing the experience so that they can grow and heal. My experience is that your subconscious mind will always guide you to memories and share messages that relate to something you are experiencing in your life today.

Who Created Regression Therapy?

People have been exploring past lives and reincarnation since ancient times. Most major world religions have a mystic tradition that believes in reincarnation and the afterlife. In fact, reincarnation and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth are referenced in ancient Indian Vedic literature; Books of Tibetan wisdom, such as the The Tibetan Book of the Dead; and in ancient Greek and Roman literature.

In more recent years, many medical professionals and healing practitioners have written extensively on the topic of past lives and have documented case studies and examples in their writing. Listed below are what I believe are some of the best books written on this subject, for those of you who are ready to dive in and learn more!

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What Can I Expect in a Session?

Past Life Regression therapy incorporates modern psychology theory and counseling techniques to help clients explore the subconscious and connect with the subconscious mind. The session is usually between 90 and 120 minutes. We start the session by doing different relaxation techniques to induce a trance or hypnotic state. Being in a trance is a natural state that we go in and out of on our own. If you can lose yourself in a daydream or if you ever spaced out while driving and missed your exit because you were thinking about something else, then you are capable of going into a trance. The benefit of using this state in a therapeutic way is it helps clients access memories they may not consciously be aware of in a waking state.

Once a client is completely relaxed, I start to regress her back in time, looking at memories earlier in life and childhood. Then, we go back even further and begin looking at past life memories. By going back to those experiences through hypnosis, the client confronts her fears or traumatic events. This gives the client the opportunity to do the healing work that will help her become desensitized to the triggers that are showing up as obstacles in her life today.

Past Life Regression with Laura Richer at Seattle Healing Hynpotherapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching

Do I Need to Believe in Past Lives to Realize the Benefits?

Clients who don’t believe in reincarnation absolutely can benefit from doing a past life regression session because they can still use hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind metaphorically. Instead of asking a client to look at past life memories, I would ask her to imagine that she is making up a story and allow her subconscious mind to give her information or messages using the same process.

Whether clients believe in past lives or feel like they are making up a story doesn’t really matter. This therapeutic technique still offers an avenue for reframing the issues that are troubling clients in their lives today, by allowing them to look at the issues from another perspective.

Regardless of your beliefs, hypnosis allows you to connect with the deepest part for your subconscious mind so that you can connect with your own inner wisdom and receive messages and valuable insights. For example, if I have a stressful relationship with someone significant in my life, a Past Life Regression session will allow me the opportunity to work through those issues because I can observe the relationship projected on another storyline in another time and place. This can lead to insights about the relationships that just are not possible with normal, everyday interactions. Having more awareness of how unconscious beliefs or feelings could be influencing how we are responding to certain situations can be very helpful in changing unwanted behaviors.

I have worked with clients who do not believe in past lives but still found themselves experiencing memories or stories from a historical time that very much resemble the information that clients who do believe in past lives experience.

It’s interesting to note that psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss—who in recent years has made Past Life Regression more of a mainstream practice, and has written several books on the topic, including Many Lives, Many Masters—did not initially believe in reincarnation. He was working with a client whom he called Catherine and was using hypnosis to treat her symptoms of anxiety. Catherine she spontaneously went into past life regression while she was hypnotized. Using that example, it looks like the therapist doesn’t even need to believe in past lives for it to work! (Although it probably helps if they do, and I certainly believe.)

What Will I Experience During a Session?

Most clients experience pretty mundane past life experiences. I have never encountered anyone who was famous or notorious in a past life. However, the messages that are received by the client during the session, not to mention the wonderful sense of deep relaxation they experience, can be very healing. Overall client’s report clarity, a reduction of anxiety, and a better understanding of challenges that they are experiencing in their lives today.

Is Past Life Regression for everyone? Yes, however, it might not be the right time if you have never done any type of personal growth work, counseling, or therapy. There is so much to process from this lifetime. I recommend starting with Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, or another type of counseling or healing intervention before doing past life work. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Laura Richer to get started.