Love it or Leave it: Three Ways to Permanently Clock Out of a Dead-End Job (June 13, 2018)

On the Verge Radio

“Love it or Leave it: Three Ways to Permanently Clock Out of a Dead-End Job”

Season 1, Episode 13 • June, 2018


Self-esteem and confidence impact every single part of our lives. The old cliché is true: You can’t truly love another unless you love yourself, and work is no exception. Whether you own your business or are on the verge of turning your passion project into a career, this episode is for you! Many entrepreneurs who have already taken the plunge find themselves still exhausted and overwhelmed, frequently because they don’t charge enough for their services—despite loving their work, they find themselves miserable because they’re constantly undervaluing themselves, their gifts, and their talents. For others, it’s an overpowering fear of leaving their toxic 9 to 5, so they stay in a job that’s unsatisfying or worse. To love your job, it truly starts with knowing your true worth! On this episode of On the Verge Radio, hosts Laura Richer and Andi Lucas are joined by Jessica Riverson, a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Business Consultant, and creator of the Permission to Charge mentorship program. If you’re ready to clock out of your current job, watch, listen, and learn how a seven figure self-worth will lead you to your dream career.

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