Toxic Relationships: The First One Is with Yourself (August 1, 2017)

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“Toxic Relationships: The First One Is with Yourself”

Season 1, Episode 2 • August 1, 2017

Are You in a Toxic Relationship with Yourself? Find Out: On the Verge Radio with Laura Richer

Toxic relationships are those relationships that make you feel bad. And you can have a toxic love relationship as well as with friends, family, and even your job. But it all really starts with you. Do you have a negative inner dialog? Are you letting others disregard your boundaries? Have you been neglecting basic self-care? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re having a toxic relationship with yourself. On this episode, Host Laura Richer explains how to recognize your own self-sabotaging behaviors and change your thought patterns to eliminate the toxicity.

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