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“Setting Intentions: Find the Love & Life You Want in 2018”

Season 1, Episode 7 • December 13, 2017

Setting Intentions: Finding the Love & Live You Want in 2018 - On the Verge Radio with Laura Richer

Andi: Hello, everybody, and welcome to On The Verge Radio. We’re broadcasting here on Transformation Talk Radio. I’m your cohost, Andi Lucas and I’m here with your host Laura Richer. Hi, Laura.

Laura: Hey, Andi. Hi, everybody.

Andi: Laura is a certified hypnotherapist, master life coach, and she is the owner of Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy Reiki and Life Coaching. So, Laura, Wayne Dyer who was a self-help author, philosopher, motivational speaker said, “Our intention creates our reality,” and then taking that a step further, Gary Zukav, who is a spiritual teacher and an expert on intentions and a best-selling author said, “Your intentions are your non-physical causes that set energy into motion. They create a multitude of effects and therefore determine the experiences of your life.” This is one of the most important things that you can know and it’s also something that you can see for yourself as true.
So, we’re talking about intentions here today. In less than three weeks, it’s going to be 2018. I can’t believe it. The new moon is on this coming Sunday, the 17th and these are all really great opportunities to set intentions. But we’re carefully not using the word resolutions. And whatever is the difference between an intention and a resolution?

Laura: First of all, I’m really excited about this topic because it’s the end of the year and we’re all starting to look forward to 2018 and see what we want to do next year. And this is also a lot of the work that I do in my practice in helping clients achieve their goals. So, setting resolutions really is the same as setting a goal, you’re thinking about the result that you want to create. But sometimes, we don’t get there, right?

Andi: Right.

Laura: And so, why is that? It’s because we don’t really know why we want to achieve that goal. We think we do. You know, I want to lose 20 pounds, that sounds like a pretty good idea. But if I don’t know what my intention is behind that, then it’s probably not going to be something I’m going to be able to follow through.
So, the intention is the why – why do you want this result, what is the energy behind that, how do you think that you would feel or what you would have if you we’re to create this whatever outcome is in your life?

Andi: Right. It’s almost like the bridge. It’s what’s going to get you there. It’s your motivation – the why. And so, we talk a lot about the cycles of the moon and how that is great energy to help with this. First, there’s the full moon, what is the full moon generally for?

Laura: I’m a huge Astrology fan and so I always like to use the cycle of the moon as a time to set intentions. However, if you’re not into Astrology, you can set intentions any time. It’s a powerful practice. In Astrology, the full moon is a time to let go, to release the things that are not serving us anymore or just whatever we need to let go of to create room in our lives for the things that we want to create or manifest.

Andi: It’s so important to let go of the things that are bringing us down. I’ve said if you had a garden full of weeds, you’re never going to grow beautiful flowers, you’ve got to get rid of the garbage before you can bring in something fantastic.

Laura: Right, because you just don’t have room for it.

Andi: Nice. The new moon, what is the new moon?

Laura: The new moon, and again in Astrology is around the time the energy for setting intentions, for thinking about what it is you want to create. So, goals are part of intentions but to get to the goal peace, to see the result, we need to know why we want to get there.

Andi: Oprah says, “I believe the choice to be excellent begins with aligning your thoughts and words with the intention to require more from yourself.” And I think that’s a great way to kick this off.
I am not a hoarder but I’m a daughter of a hoarder and so I attempt to save everything.

Laura: You do, which I love because we get to do fun things like this today.

Andi: So, back on May 6th, 2016 it was in fact a new moon and Laura and I had an intention setting kind of ceremony, I have a fire pit in my back yard and we wrote down these things, and burned them, and sent them up to the universe. And I thought it would be interesting to check in on these intentions to see how things went.

Laura: A year-and-a-half later. Let’s see what we did.

Andi: Laura, you had a goal kind of to remove jealously from your life and the intention was to focus on things that you wanted to create. You wanted to find yourself in and find a supportive love relationship. You wanted to attract more of the right clients who you thought you could help. You wanted to focus on being positive and expecting the best-case scenario, not the worse-case. And focus on feeling good and your own happiness outside of what anyone else is doing. So, it’s a year-and-a-half later, how are you?

Laura: So, it was very surprising when we had our meeting to plan this show and we looked at this, I realized I kind of achieved all of these things.

Andi: Yes, so it works!

Laura: So, looking at the first one.

Andi: Focusing on things that you wanted to create.

Laura: And so, I noticed for myself when I saw maybe something that somebody else had that I wanted, I could feel jealous which is not the prettiest emotion but sometimes that can come up. And I would then start to focus on what I didn’t have. So, I wanted to shift out of that just because besides feeling yucky, it doesn’t help you create what you want – it just focuses on the lack of what you don’t have. So, I really just wanted to let my mind focus on the things I wanted to create which means not comparing yourself to other people and not focusing on what you don’t have but focusing on what you do have.
So, I’m looking back at that, I’ve been so busy in the last year-and-a-half. I don’t remember any times that I felt any jealously or wasn’t really focusing on my own goals. So, obviously that worked because I haven’t even thought about it.

Andi: Well, that’s really interesting because you came very focused on creation, I don’t think you had to sit down every day and say, “Remember not to be jealous today.” You were just focusing on your own. And maybe that was the mantra, focusing on what you wanted to create.
I’ve seen in the past year all of the past things that you have been creating, like all the things you’re doing with your business and with your life. I think it’s fantastic

Laura: Another thing I want to point out is when I thought about this topic and thought about a negative emotion, I decided to reframe what jealously meant to me. So, instead of it being like oh gosh, only terrible feel jealously or I’m a bad person, I thought that emotion is just an indicator of something that I’m wanting to create in my own life so how can I do that? And making it not a negative, just noticing there was kind of a signal of something that I wanted to create too, that also I think helped eliminate that response.

Andi: That reminds me of something that you have said before about resolutions, that they’re kind of punishing and don’t they sound a little punishing?

Laura: They do.

Andi: And so, I like that idea that you turned that into a positive. You switched it up. Let’s talk about the supportive relationship.

Laura: Yes. I met my person about six months after we did that.

Andi: That is crazy.

Laura: Yes.

Andi: He definitely is supportive.

Laura: He definitely is.

Andi: You guys are a really fantastic team. I have seen you guys host Thanksgiving and stuff together and it’s really impressive to see how well you work together and how great of a balance you are and how supportive you are.

Laura: For that specific goal, the intention behind it was really, really clear for me because I had had a lot of experiences of not being in supportive relationships that felt really draining to me. And so, I knew exactly why I wanted that and because of that clarity, I was just not going to let somebody else in to my life that didn’t fit what my intention was because I was really clear that that was what I wanted.

Andi: I love that. I know you have some tips that you want to share about how people can set their intentions and focus on that. I wonder if you could share some of those?

Laura: Yes. So, the first one I have is know why you want it. So, the relationship is a good example. Know specifically why you want to be in a supportive relationship. I had a lot of reasons in my mind of why that was. And I also kind of imagined how I would feel in that circumstance and I had a good understanding of why that was important to me and why I thought that that would add a lot of value to my life. So, that I think is know why you want it. If you don’t know why you want it, if it’s like well, I just want to lose weight or make a million dollars, but you don’t really know what that would do for you, it’s very hard to get there.
The next thing that’s really important and I love the idea of visualizing and manifesting but you do have to do something. So, think about the amount of action that you’re willing to take. And so, as you know I am fascinated by these female body builders that are on YouTube, I think they’re awesome and they’re really strong and I think it’s very inspiring. At one point I was watching them thinking maybe I could do a bodybuilding competition. Well, then I got to think about the amount of action I was willing to take in terms of my fitness goals and just eating baked chickens and broccoli and not ever having dessert and working out four hours a day wasn’t the amount of action I was willing to take. And so, while I appreciate what they’re doing, I had to check myself and say you know, I want to work on my health and fitness but it’s not going to be to that extreme.

Andi: That is so rigid. And for some people that’s fantastic and it works and they look amazing and can do wonderful things.

Laura: And they have intentions about the endurance that they can do and what they can put their body through, but that doesn’t resonate with me.

Andi: We are going to take a quick break. Laura, can you let everyone know how they can get in touch with you. We still have Seattle Healing Hypnosis but we’ve added a couple of new Facebook pages and all of that. Where can we find you on social media?

Laura: So, now we just made it easy. You can find us at On The Verge Radio. On Facebook, Instagram – Twitter is a little different; it’s On The Verge 18, so we’re going to be talking about what we’re going to be doing in 2018. And then, you can get all of our archive shows and today’s show if you miss it www.OnTheVergeRadio.com.

Andi: Fantastic. We are always wanting to hear questions and comments about the show and so you can just email us at Questions@OnTheVergeRadio.com.

Laura: I would love to hear about your intentions for 2018 if you’d like to share.

Andi: Is there a phone number where they can reach you? I know you offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to each client.

Laura: Yes, we do. And you can just give us a call at 206-765-8265. You can also schedule that online.

Andi: Fantastic. We’re going to take a quick break. And when we come back, we’re going to be talking more about intentions for the New Year here on On The Verge Radio.

Laura: Thanks, Andi.

• • •

Andi: Welcome back. If you are just tuning in, that was Hey Jealously by Gin Blossoms because we have been talking about letting go of jealously. You’re listening to On The Verge Radio, learning how to use your breakdown for a breakthrough with your cohost Laura Richer.

Laura: Hi, everybody, hi cohost, Andi Lucas.

Andi: That’s me. We are broadcasting here on Transformation Talk Radio and we are talking about setting those intentions to attract the love and life that you want in 2018.

Laura: That’s right.

Andi: So, Pete Carroll, most know him as the coach of the Seattle Seahawks says, “Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out and sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching and the greatest things can happen.” So, I need some coaching here.

Laura: Okay, I’m a coach, let’s do it.

Andi: Back as I mentioned, we had a new moon ceremony and we set these intentions back on May 6th, 2016 and a couple of mine came to fruition, well one of them, and most of them did not and now I look back I’m like that was so vague, I don’t even know what it means now, let alone what it meant a year-and-a-half ago. My first intention was to find a loving, supportive, nurturing, fun, sexy, happy man to share my life with.

Andi: How did that go?

Laura: Eight months after we set this intention, I met him on game seven of the World Series with the Cleveland Indians. He has everything that I asked for and it’s really fantastic.

Laura: When you set that intention, were you clear on why you wanted this kind of nurturing, fun, sexy, happy man in your life?

Andi: Yes. Because I had spent four years in the pits of dating and learned exactly what I didn’t want. I’d had some relationships that showed me exactly what I didn’t want and so I was very clear on what I wanted and why I wanted it because as a self-employed person, I’m working at home a lot and I wanted to have this other kind of energy in my life. So, I knew what I was looking for and why I wanted it – that helped.

Laura: And it showed up.

Andi: Yeah. The next one I set was be more realistic in planning with clients and friends.

Laura: How do you think you did there?

Andi: I don’t even know how to be more realistic. As they used to say in corporate America, or they still do, smart goals, something measurable, whatever, realistic. This is not measurable. Be more realistic.

Laura: I guess we would need to know what you were thinking when you wrote that down but what does it mean to be more realistic?

Andi: I think that I was feeling out of balance and pulled in many different directions and not focusing on my own self-care and my own life. And just really focus on work, work, work and then any free time I had I wanted to spend time with friends. I guess what that would feel like is having more balance but I didn’t even have a measurable intention.

Laura: Maybe that’s why that one has been a little difficult, is you don’t really have a clear connection with realistic and why you’d want that in your life. Because sometimes, realistic is boring. Realistic if you’re self-employed and kind of do things on the fly, like maybe being realistic that you connect with.

Andi: Exactly. We’ll keep going. The next one was exercise regularly and I actually put four times a week.

Laura: That was specific.

Andi: Very. And eat well and mindfully in order to be at a healthier weight.

Laura: How did you do there?

Andi: That felt daunting, overwhelming, to go from nothing to four times a week when I already don’t have any time.

Laura: I think that’s a good example of what I talked about in the last segment, is what action are you willing to take? As much as the bodybuilders look awesome and it’s really cool that they can do that, my level of action was never going to line up with that. So, for you while four times a week might have sounded good, that might not have been an action you were willing to take.
The second piece of that is did you know what exercising four times a week would give you that would be important to you?

Andi: I never got that far. The idea was that I’d be at this healthier weight but I didn’t really know why.

Laura: I think that’s a good point because a lot of resolutions are around losing weight or getting healthy or fit, but we really need to know why it is we want that. If I want to lose a certain amount of weight, I do have to connect with the reason why. There has to be something behind it.
Some people really can connect with the idea that I want to look a certain way in my clothes and that can be really powerful for them. For me, that isn’t really something that strongly inspires me, I don’t walk any runways, I’m not going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so the difference between five to ten pounds isn’t significant enough for me to want to make the effort to do that, so I’m going to have to find a deeper reason as to why I would want to achieve that goal, otherwise I’m never going to get there.

Andi: When I look at this and you look at these three intentions that I set, the real difference is that one had a very clear agenda, well not agenda…

Laura: Intention.

Andi: That is what we’re talking about. Very clear intention and very clear on the why. And very clear on what it was I was looking for.

Laura: And not only do we work together professionally but we’re friends in real life, so I also know that you had a really clear idea of what it would feel like to be in that type of relationship, you could imagine what your life would be like in that type of healthy, loving, supportive relationship. And so, that was getting you much closer to it.
You know, sometimes and again I keep going back to weight because that’s the resolution for so many people, I can’t really imagine what it feel like to be working out every day, I can’t really connect with why I would want that. Losing 20 pounds sounds good but I can’t really imagine it. And that is a block too in manifesting what you want because you don’t really believe or you can’t picture it happening.

Andi: Let’s talk about manifesting for a second. Esther Hicks who along with her husband Jerry Hicks created the Abraham Hicks Law of Attractions courses and they were featured in a secret. And about manifestation she says, “Your life and everyone else in the universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them. You can literally script any life that you desire and the universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be, for you are the creator of your own experience. You only have to decide it and allow it to be.”
What are your thoughts on the law of attraction, and vision boards, and the secret? What are your thoughts?

Laura: I love Abraham and Ester Hicks and they have tons of content on YouTube and I listen to that all the time in the morning when I’m getting ready because it’s a really great way to adjust your mindset if you’re focusing on what’s not there instead of focusing on your intentions and what you want to create. I love their work.
I think we do have certain circumstances in our life that we maybe don’t feel like we want. So, there are things that we have to respond to that feel negative but a big part of what I think she’s saying here is you can choose your respond to any circumstance and create the outcome that you really want. So, as far as focusing on what you want and knowing what you want, I think that’s powerful. Everyone who is really successful has a clear vision of where they’re going.
Vision boards. I was kind of resistant to that idea when it first came out and became popular, I’m like oh what, I’m going to paste up a picture of a Ferrari and it’s going to show up in my driveway? I really don’t think so. But I have since changed my mind about that and I think vision boards are really powerful – they help you focus your attention on what it is you want to create and your mind automatically starts moving you in that direction.
So, a funny thing for me when I was taking a life coaching certification class when I still lived in Arizona, one of the assignments was to create a vision board around the business that we wanted to create. I cut out a picture of a building in Freemont in Seattle. At that point in time I had no real plan to move back to Seattle, it was something I kind of wanted but I didn’t really see how that would come into being. But I just thought well, I’m just talking about my ideal business, I’m going to put this on here because it would be in Seattle.
When I did actually open my business, my first office was in Freemont. And I had moved back up here and things had kind of fallen into line. So, do I think that’s just because I pasted that building on the board? Well, no, but I think that that process got me focusing on what it was I really wanted to create which was moving back to Seattle and I liked Freemont at the time and that’s where I wanted to be. So, a few years later that came into my life.
That’s what I think the power of vision boards, is focusing your intention and really getting clarity on a vision and what you want to have.

Andi: That ties into the law of attraction, the secret, and all of that.

Laura: The law of attraction talks about two things. It talks about being clear on what your vision is, but then it also talks about being in a place where you feel that’s it’s possible. So, if you really have this idea that you want to be in a great relationship but you don’t feel like you deserve it, you’re not going to line up with it.
So, that was kind of when we talked earlier about jealously – jealousy didn’t help me line up with the things I wanted to create, it just kind of put me in a space where I saw I didn’t have what I wanted. So, by reframing that and seeing it in a different way and focusing on what I actually did want to create, that shifted my ability to do that.
So, if I’m jealous that somebody has a thriving business and I don’t feel like mine is thriving and I’m just focusing on that, there’s really no room for me to move forward in my own life.

Andi: Absolutely. We are going to take another quick break. Laura, please remind everybody how they can get in touch with you.

Laura: You can find us at www.OnTheVergeRadio.com, all over social media, Facebook, Instagram, also On The Verge Twitter is a little different, it’s OnTheVerge18 because we’re going to be focusing on 2018 and the events we have coming up then. We’re also on YouTube. And then, If you want to just give us a call at 206-765-8265, you can schedule your complimentary consultation with my business Seattle Healing Hypnotherapy Reiki and Life Coaching to see how we can help you set your intentions and achieve your goals.

Andi: Absolutely. Don’t forget we would love to take your questions and comments about the show. You can just email those to us at Questions@OnTheVergeRadio.com. I encourage everyone to stay tuned because next Laura and I are going to be stating out intentions for 2018 right here live on the show.

Laura: We’re going to have to follow through this year.

Andi: On The Verge Radio. Stay tuned here on Transformation Talk Radio.

• • •

Andi: Welcome back for more On The Verge radio here on Transformation Talk Radio. I am your cohost Andi Lucas with your host Laura Richer.

Laura: Hi, everybody.

Andi: Today we’re talking about setting intentions for 2018 versus those punishing resolutions – we’re not setting those – to help us attract the life and the love we truly want next year.
I think it’s really important to talk about – we touched on it a little bit in the first segment – the importance of letting go. You have a couple of tips, Laura, about why it’s important and how to do it.

Laura: It’s important to let go of things that aren’t working for you so that you can have space in your life for the things that you want, so using relationship as an example, you want to be in a really supportive loving relationship, you might have to let go of an unsupportive relationship or a toxic relationship, or whether that in love, work, whatever. That’s an example. Or if what you really want in your life is health, and fitness, and wellbeing, you might have to let go of eating chocolate and drinking wine after dinner every night.

Andi: What?

Laura: Letting go. Letting go is not always easy. We have a few tips of things that you can think about that might help you let go as you set your intentions for the New Year.
One thing that I think is huge and these opens a lot of space in your life is quit caring about what other people think of you. So, when we invest in and care about what other people think of us it really drains us of our energy, mostly because we have no control over it, it’s not something that we can affect all that much. And it takes away our ability to create the things that we really want in our own lives. That one is huge.
The second one that I think really messes people up and this is why we kind of give up on January 2nd sometimes is let go of the need to do it perfectly. Progress is what you’re trying to get, not perfection. And progress comes from trial and error. So, you have to just get started and you’re not going to do anything perfectly, so if you can just let it go and just get started, that is where you’re going to see some progress.
The last thing I want to say about letting go is forgive yourself for any past behavior and know that you’re a different person today. So, just because you messed it up before a couple of years ago doesn’t mean you’re going to mess up this year – you’ve learned more, you have more experience, you might be better connected with the intentions, the why of why you’re trying to accomplish something. And most likely and I see this with clients quite a bit is they’re afraid to try something or do something because they think they’re going to make the same mistake twice and then that feels like an epic failure. So, maybe quitting smoking or getting into another toxic relationship. And the truth is, is that if you’re self-aware and you’ve kind of contemplated your past experiences, the chances of you doing that are fairly slim. I mean, you’ve already had that experience, you’ve already been through that. Not that you’re going to make different types of mistakes – I don’t like that word – but have different experiences maybe that correct you, but you are not going to do the same thing exactly the same a second time.
Those are some tips for letting go so we can create the things we want.

Andi: I’m really excited about this. Laura and I are going to set our own personal intentions for 2018 and we will be updating all of you on our progress through social media, so definitely follow us on Facebook, On The Verge Radio, Instagram at On The Verge Radio, and Twitter OnTheVerge18 because we’re going to be updating. We also want you guys to participate as well, so we want to kind of make it a conversation and be supportive of each so that we can reach these goals and follow through with our intentions.
We want to hear what your intentions are and we want to hear about your progress.

Laura: And we can all kind of hold each other accountable which is very helpful in realizing goals.

Andi: Team work does make the dream work for us. Kick it off, Laura, tell us about one of your intentions. We won’t be able to get to all of them but we’ll be sharing the list and everything. Let’s talk about one of your intentions.

Laura: I’m going to talk about one that I chose that I’m going to talk about my thought process behind it a little bit. So, it’s been on my mind for a while now, I’ve accomplished a lot of things I 2017 that I’m really proud of. However, taking care of my health and fitness is not one of those things. So, it’s been on my mind that I wanted to make some changes to my diet and exercise and start feeling good. So, I had to think about that because that’s been a goal many, many times and I’ve only followed through a couple of times and the times that I did follow through I had very specific reasons, maybe a special event, something that helped me get there.
But like I said, looking good, kind of a motivator but not really for me. So, I thought about that, why do I want to do this, why do I want to reach a certain level of fitness? Well, my first thought was I’ll look good in my clothes and I get into my smaller jeans. And then, I realized that doesn’t motivate me a lot. So then, I thought what else could there be? I thought my health, honestly I’m in my forties now, I can’t recoup from a couple of days of bad eating the way I could when I was in my twenties, when I eat a lot of sugar my energy is completely depleted, I have an autoimmune disease that’s impacted by the way that I eat which really after Thanksgiving I noticed that.
So, I thought about that and whether that could be my motivator. And unfortunately, it really wasn’t.

Andi: I appreciate the honesty here.

Laura: I don’t feel that bad. After Thanksgiving I started eating a little bit better and I felt a little bit better. I’ve had this autoimmune disease for quite a while now and that hasn’t motivated me to want to eat better. So, I had to keep going deeper or I thought maybe this isn’t really my goal.
The next thing I thought okay, what is important to me? What came to mind is all of the things I want to do next year in terms of my business. I have new programs I want to launch. I have some different goals for myself. I am getting a new puppy that I want to be able to spend a lot of time with and do outdoors activity, and I want to be able to see my family, and spend time with my boyfriend, and all this stuff that I want to do.

Andi: And you’re in grad school.

Laura: And I need to finish up my Master’s degree which is really dragging on but I’m getting there. So, I thought I need to have energy to do all these things and right now, a lot of times I don’t feel like I have the energy to do everything that I want to accomplish. That was kind of like ding, ding, ding, that it and that felt motivating to me, was that I really need more energy which I could tell from not exercising that my energy is definitely down.
So, the next piece I did even though it took a moment to kind of brace myself to do it but I worked with a trainer about a year ago, I got great results with her, Tina at TMC Health was super helpful and I let that practice go because I was focusing on some other things last year, but I decided I needed to have some action to go along with my intention so I gave Tina a call to get me back on the schedule in January, so that is my intention and I will post about that in our Facebook group and you can follow me and see how I do.

Andi: I think that’s awesome. I really love the why. That is so important, it really is the bridge that gets you there.

Laura: And that’s meaningful to me. Having more energy might not be meaningful to someone else but that was the one that I could really feel like yes, I have all these things I want to do in my life and I can imagine what it would feel like to have more energy to do them. So, for me that was it. You have to find out what that is for you.

Andi: Yes, exactly. My intention, I need a little bit more coaching but David Allen created this program called Getting Things Done and it’s a methodology for time management. And he said something that really speaks to me, “You can do anything but not everything.” And I think that that really rings true. And so, when I think about what my intention is, it’s going back to the same thing that I wrote before – I’m seeking this balance and better time management so that I can enjoy my life more. Just something as simple as reading more or being able to take a walk or getting back to cooking, that means getting back to eating my plant-based diet and that goes into losing weight, like it all is combined. Help, coach Laura.

Laura: Balance is a great goal and it can also be one of those things like losing 20 pounds or mindfulness where it sounds good but what does it really mean and why do we want it? So, you already mentioned a couple of things that are important to you and I know that being on a plant-based diet and having the time to cook your food is really important to you. And that’s something that can really connect you to being in balance. But what I would want to know from you first is what does that mean to you, what does balance mean to you?

Andi: Balance means that I have an office at my house that is neat and orderly and organized that I can work in and when I’m done for the day I walk out of that and close the door and then I have my personal life, that there really is a work/life balance and that personal life means getting to spend more time with my boyfriend Zach and with our pets and doing fun things, taking walks, seeing movies, going to plays, all of that stuff.

Laura: What is the pain point for you right now feeling like your life is out of balance, what is that doing?

Andi: I feel chaotic. My office is a mess so I’m actually working in the living room. I was working at the dining room table but now that’s become a mess because I’m either working or sleeping or time with friends and there is no…

Laura: No time for you.

Andi: Yes.

Laura: Does talking some of that through connect you with why you want balance in your life?

Andi: Yes and I like the picture of me sitting at my desk and being able to close that door. So, like you made your first step, I think my first step would probably to be hiring an organizer who can help me. I already mentioned it today, I’m the daughter of a hoarder, I come by this honestly and it’s not a hoarding situation, we don’t need to call The Hoarders TV show just yet. But I think that would be a good first step for me.

Laura: I think so, absolutely. And especially when you know that it’s something challenging for you. I talk about going to the gym all the time and I rarely get there but when I have an appointment and I have a trainer and I’m paying for it, I know I will go.

Andi: Yes, when you’re accountable to somebody and somebody else’s time is on the line for you…

Laura: That’s a little extra step that will help. Obviously, I could quit my trainer at any point but just having that extra level of accountability helps me stay on my path and be in the intention that I’ve set for myself.

Andi: Tina, I hope you heard that, that she can quit at any time.

Laura: Don’t let me quit.

Andi: Tina is amazing, I’ve talked with her. TMC Health is fantastic. Please follow along with us on social media, On The Verge Radio on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is OnTheVerge18. We want to hear your intentions, we want to have this be an open discussion as we go through the year and be supportive of each other.
And one of the most common things I think that people set for intentions after weight related goals is finding love. We have a fantastic solution for that. We’re going to take another quick break but when we come back were going to tell you all about this new program that is grated towards helping women find love in 2018. Stay tuned for more On The Verge Radio here on Transformation Talk Radio.

• • •

Andi: Welcome back to On The Verge Radio where we are a team making a dream work here. I’m your cohost Andi Lucas with Laura Richer, our host.

Laura: Hi, everybody. Hi, Andi.

Andi: Today we’ve been talking about setting intentions and how powerful it can be and as I mentioned before the break, for many people they want to create love in 2018 and so we have a new program geared just toward that and I have the pleasure to announce Richer Love from Laura Richer. What is this?

Laura: This program is something that I developed based on my own dating experience and also based on the challenges that I see clients come across as they kind of navigate the dating world. This is really, as we talked about in our Toxic Relationship Series, that this is something that relationship is so important to our health and wellbeing and growth and life, all of those things. Most people love being in love so this is something that a lot of people intend to create in their lives but I do see where people are getting tripped up and my own experiences showed me some of things as well. This is a program to help people on the dating scene.

Andi: It’s a 12-week intensive and it’s focused on letting go of the garbage, getting clear on what you want, and then really preparing someone for the dating scene right down to helping people with their profiles.

Laura: One of my other intentions for this year, one of my professional intentions is to help women learn in 90 days or 12 weeks what it took me 5 years to learn about dating. We’re going to work over a 12-week period to work on all of these topics that can really help you let go of the past, bring clarity about what you want to create in your life, what type of relationship you want to have, and then give you some really practical dating advice right down to reviewing your dating profile about how can get the results that you want.

Andi: I love this. Who is this geared towards?

Laura: This program is for anyone who wants to participate in it and feels like it’s a good fit for them. But the person that I had in mind when I created the program are me and you as well as many of my clients, so I would say women, thirties to sixties probably professional women really powerful in their careers or whatever their professional life is, but find relationship to be a little more challenging. Could be somebody who has ended a significant relationship or is divorced and find them single at a time that they didn’t expect in their lives. That’s kind of who it’s geared towards but if it resonates with you and feels like it could help you, then it’s for you.

Andi: The program is set to launch February of 2018, so right now people who are interested in this can sign up for the mailing list, just go to www.RicherLove.com and that way they can be alerted and the first to know when the program launches.
Tell me how this came about. You’re saying you had this five-year experience.

Laura: Yes, of being single and dating and some of it was fun and some of it was awful and I feel like I learned a lot about myself along the way. I feel like the reason I was single for five years was there was a lot of healing that I needed to do and I needed to gain clarity on what I was looking for, I really had no idea. But I do think I learned a lot of things that had I had somebody tell me these things while I was dating it would have made it a lot easier.
So, we were really lucky because as I mentioned in a previous segment that not only do we have a professional relationship but we’re friends outside of our work and we were both single at the same time for around the same amount of time. So, it was awesome that we had each other as a support to say am I going crazy, why do I keep having these experiences and we could give each their constructive feedback and other support when things weren’t going well.

Andi: And because we were both in the same position; we understood it. My sister has been in a 13-year relationship, my mom has been with my step-dad for 35 years, like they don’t understand the current dating scene.

Laura: That can be tough when your friends have been married for a long time. I remember my mom very well and had great intentions but gave me some advice, the thought in my mind was like yeah but you haven’t been single since the seventies, what do you know about this?

Andi: Things have really changed, my dear.

Laura: It was great that we had each other during that time to kind of support each other and I don’t know that everyone happens to have that, especially we’re both in our forties, a lot of time when you’re in your forties, all of your friends and family are in relationship and maybe that’s not a dynamic that you have in your life. That is something that I wanted to be able to offer clients who were looking for that if they were just getting started on their dating journey at an age that they didn’t expect to be single.
The other reason I wanted to create this program is that I really can work with a lot of people. This work is going to be done online and there will be individual sessions included with me but also a group dynamic to it. I am based in Seattle but this can help people anywhere. This program can have a nationwide reach which we’re really excited about. We can work with anyone.

Andi: I like the fact that it’s online and there is a group support, as we’re calling it, “The Sasterhood.”

Laura: Can you tell us what that means?

Andi: The Urban Dictionary describes that as your sister that help you by giving you somewhat sassy, pointed direct advice about your love life. So, we are going to be each the sasterhood to help people through this because it really does help to have people who can give you solid advice, who are looking at with an unbiased lens, and aren’t oh no, I think he really does like, no, he doesn’t like you, delete, he’s not yours.

Laura: He stood up you twice but maybe he just had a bad childhood, no we don’t want to do that.

Andi: I don’t care. And if he did, I’m out. Again, we want folks to go to www.RicherLove.com and they can sign up for that. Laura, we’ve talked a lot about intentions, you and I have set some of our own, we want people to follow us at On The Verge Radio but tell us, do you have any closing thoughts because we’re heading into the final couple of weeks of 2017 and we want to think about what our intentions are and have them ready to start the New Year and focus on the why, any other advice that you would have?

Laura: Like I said, that’s kind of what Richer Love is going to be, is if your intention is to find love we’re going to help you connect with the reasons why so that you can actually bring in the partner that you’re looking for. So, set your intention for the relationship, think about what that really means to you, and why you want that relationship. Think about what you would feel like if you were in that relationship and really connect to that energy. Like I said before, it’s hard to create anything that you can’t really imagine the possibility of.

Andi: Right. I see that now.

Laura: Just be very clear about why you want to be in a relationship at this time in your life and also kind of think about who you would be in that relationship and notice if there’s any discrepancy between who you are right now and who you would need to be to show up for that.

Andi: I love that. That’s a good jumping off point. I think that’s fantastic. I’m really excited about working with you on that program. I think it’s going to be fantastic.

Laura: I agree.

Andi: Before we take off for the year, remind everyone how they can get in touch with you.

Laura: On The Verge, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram. Twitter is OnTheVerge18. You can call us for your complimentary consultation at 206-765-8265.

Andi: You can view all of our past archives, past shows, including this one on www.OnTheVergeRadio.com. You can email us with questions or comments at Questions@ OnTheVergeRadio.com. Laura offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation to all new clients to see if it’s a good fit and see how her healing modalities of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and life coaching could possibly be of help. I think that’s all. I would intent everyone to have a wonderful holiday from all of us here at On The Verge Radio and we’ll see you next year.

Laura: See you next year.