Radical Forgiveness (December 10, 2018)

The Laura Richer Show

“Radical Forgiveness”

Season 2, Episode 2 • December 10, 2018

Is the past getting in the way of creating the future of your dreams? Are you ready to break free from toxic relationship patterns and attract relationships that are filled with inspiration, connection, and fun? Then don’t miss this episode of the Laura Richer Show! Along with special guest Radical Forgiveness Coach Brenda Reiss, Laura offers up expert advice on how we can let go and forgive lingering childhood angst, resentments, even painful relationships.

Re-examining your most intimate relationships through the lens of Radical Forgiveness can help you transform your life experience and create space for the relationship that you REALLY want. Brenda helps us “clean out our closets, by sharing some tools and wisdom that can help us become aware of the unconscious behaviors and patterns that are sabotaging our relationships and then release them once and for all! So watch as Dating Coach Laura Richer, Matchmaker Peggy Bennett, and Special Guest Brenda Reiss continue the conversation and support you on your journey to finding a soulmate connection.

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