Is it Time to Just Go For It? (August 14, 2019)

The Laura Richer Show

“Is it Time to Just Go For It?”

Season 2, Episode 8 • August 14, 2019

We know that healthy self-esteem and confidence are essential for creating the life we truly desire. But sometimes, finding those traits within ourselves can feel vague and abstract. On the next episode of The Laura Richer Show, your host Laura Richer will be talking with two former clients who decided to stop waiting for the right time and GO FOR IT!

Melissa Byron, creator of A Single Woman Traveling, will be sharing how she overcame the limiting beliefs that were keeping her from moving in the direction of her dream to live abroad and see the world. Now, through her blog, Melissa supports other women in realizing their dreams of travel and adventure—solo or not.

Speaking of adventure, our other guest will be Nici Lucas, creator of Adventure Music Life. Nici left behind 25 years of corporate jobs to pursue her passion of photographing and writing about the music industry. Although she once doubted that her love of music could support her, Nici has made her favorite hobby the way she makes her living!

Coach Laura Richer and co-host Andi Lucas also will be discussing Laura’s steps for creating a seven-figure self-worth. If you have a dream that self-doubt is stopping you from achieving, be sure to tune it!

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