Richer Love

Are you SICK of being SINGLE?

Have you heard yourself say:

Richer Love: Helping Single Women Attract Their Soulmate > with Dating Coach Laura Richer, CHt

I’m ambitious, driven, and motivated, but I am struggling with dating!

Richer Love: Helping Single Women Attract Their Soulmate > with Dating Coach Laura Richer, CHt

I am actively seeking a soulmate connection, but I only seem to attract losers, narcissists, liars, and emotionally unavailable guys!

Richer Love: Helping Single Women Attract Their Soulmate > with Dating Coach Laura Richer, CHt

I feel like I have it all—great friends, successful career, house, car, finances—but I can’t find love!

Welcome to Richer Love

Led by Dating Coach Laura Richer, The Richer Love Program is a 12-week intensive that will teach you how to attract the love you really want … and have fun in the process. We’ll take you from hating dating, attracting all the wrong guys, and letting your alpha energy block the right guys to releasing all the baggage, softening around the edges, and opening up to love. You’ll feel empowered and excited about dating and meeting great men!

In the Richer Love program, you will learn to:

Allow love to unfold, instead of managing dating and relationships like you would your career.

Become crystal clear on exactly who you want so that you stop accepting anything less (like men you feel you need to “fix” or “save”).

Fall in love with your life and yourself so that attracting your ideal partner happens naturally, instead of feeling like you are desperately forcing it to happen.

Meet Dating Coach Laura Richer

My name is Laura, and this is my dating story.

Seven years ago, I found myself single at a time in life when I didn’t expect to be. I had just ended a 10- year relationship/marriage at an age when many women think about starting families or already have them. Being single was not what I had imagined. I had always assumed that I would be settled, not still searching for “the one”.

I was born in the 1970s and married in my 20s, so I really had missed online dating all together. In fact, I had really missed dating. I was what some might call a serial monogamist, going from one long-term relationship to the next with little to no break in between. Even though it wasn’t the healthiest of practices, I threw myself back into dating unhealed and unprepared, because my natural instinct was to repeat that same pattern once again. I didn’t have a mentor or coach or even an example of how to handle dating post-divorce in my late thirties. I was just winging it, and my results absolutely reflected that.

All kinds of people are available to connect with in the online world. Although I knew that I wanted to find an amazing soulmate connection, I didn’t even know who or what that person would be. And so, I found myself continually attracted to a person who was all wrong for me, but I had no idea why. I was carrying around a lot of old baggage from the past, caught up in both conscious and unconscious patterns of attracting emotionally unavailable men as well as not being clear on what I really wanted.

But still, I started my dating journey. It would last five years. At times, those five years felt unbearable. I could not understand why it was so difficult to find my person. I was successful in all other aspects of my life. I was building a business that I loved, I had great friendships, and I’m part of a supportive family. No matter how hard I tried, this part of my life just wasn’t working.

I knew what I really wanted was an authentic connection, someone I could totally be myself around, someone who loved me unconditionally, accepted my flaws and appreciated my gifts, someone who was equally invested in the relationship. My person, the one, my soulmate. I asked the Universe to support me in connecting with this individual and that I would accept nothing less.

Dating Coach Laura Richer, Creator of the Richer Love Dating Program for Single Women
Dating Coach Laura Richer

And then I finally cracked the code.

Once I did, it was so obvious why my dating journey had been so treacherous … when it could have been so easy. I needed to work on myself and truly heal so that I could be in the right space to receive the soulmate connection that I wanted intensely. Although I was completely unaware of it at the time, I had not healed old patterns, which meant that I continually attracted the same type of guy—the same guy who I had specifically told the Universe I did not want. And as my good fortune would have it (even though it felt like extremely bad luck at the time), nothing was working out.

I needed to get clear on what my own standards and expectations, then have the faith that it was possible, and then—probably most importantly—settle for nothing less.

The path to finding love is cultivating self-love and self-respect while learning to identify and release toxic patterns and beliefs.  This is a possibility for everyone, even if you have a long history of negative relationships and unhealthy patterns that seem impossible to change. I know because I changed long-standing patterns in my life and now help clients do the same. I have seen clients heal from the most toxic relationships imaginable and go on to find the perfect partner for them.

Dating Coach Laura Richer, Creator of the Richer Love Dating Program for Single Women
Laura with Her Person (aka Travis)

At last, it happened—I met my person.

Because finally, I was ready and willing to settle for nothing less than what I really wanted. He is everything I had hoped for and more. Our life together is exactly what I knew I wanted but had not believed to be possible. Of course, it was always possible; I just had to clear the blocks that were stopping me from connecting with the right people. And I needed to release old unconscious patterns that were keeping me from attracting the relationship I truly desired.

I want to help you do the same! My step-by-step process will show you exactly how to let go of unwanted patterns, get clear on who you want to attract into your life, and then make it happen.

Cultivating self-love and self-respect and identifying limiting beliefs can feel like vague and abstract concepts, which can feel frustrating and unobtainable. The Richer Love Program offers you practical steps to make it happen. In just 12 weeks, I will offer you the lessons it took me five years to master.

The Richer Love Program is your life hack to finding true love, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Who Needs The Richer Love Program?

Richer Love is a 12-week program that provides single women 30ish or better who are looking for the love of their lives.

If you answer yes to at least one of the following, The Richer Love Program is for you!

  • Do you find yourself single at a point in your life when you didn’t expect to be?
  • Are you lacking supportive community who understands dating, mostly because your friends and family are all coupled and/or married?
  • Are you a single professional woman who has a successful career and a busy life?
  • Have you ended a significant relationship and find yourself dating at an age you thought you’d be settled and not dealing with this anymore?
  • Do you find online dating difficult to navigate?
  • Are you feeling disappointed by the whole dating experience?
  • Do you repeatedly attract the wrong person or relationship?
  • Are you feeling wounded from a past relationship and can’t seem to move forward even though you feel like you’re ready for that soul mate connection?
  • Have you settled for men who don’t meet your expectations and then feel let down?
  • Do you believe that there is no one who will work for you, all the good ones are taken, or there are only geeks and losers?
  • Are you powerful in all aspects of your life except in the love relationship department?
  • Do you find yourself sabotaging relationships because of unprocessed baggage from a past relationship?
  • Are you blind to red flags when they show up and/or see them but choose to overlook them?
  • Have you used the word “too” to describe yourself—too independent, too alpha, too driven, too old, or too much?
  • Does low self-worth and/or low self-esteem show up in your love relationships?
  • Do you generally attract a “fixer upper” or someone you can take care of?
  • Are you unclear or unsure of what or who you’re even looking for?
  • Do you believe that your success keeps you from being desirable to men?
  • Have you settled for less than you want and know that you deserve?
  • Do you have judgments about your past experiences and are afraid of making the same mistakes?
  • Are all of your friends and family coupled up and don’t truly understand your struggle?

Nodding your head yes to one, many, or even most of these? The Richer Love Program can help you move past these limiting beliefs and provide you with the support you need to be irresistible on the dating scene and find the true love that you want and deserve.

Who Needs Richer Love: Single Women Who Are Single When They Didn't Expect to Be
Single when you never thought you would be...
Who Needs Richer Love: Single Women Who Are Struggling to Navigate the Online Dating Scene
Struggling to navigate the online dating scene?

What’s Included in The Richer Love Program?

The Richer Love 12-week program includes your Ready for Love Toolbox that features:

What's Included in Richer Love: 12-Week Video Module Course

12-Week Module Video Course: The program features 12 individual videos that are designed to watch every week. These videos will provide you with powerful insight and support to let go of the past so that you can intentionally create your future in a positive way. Every week, you’ll have self-exploration work and topics for journaling to help facilitate your Richer Love mindset. Coach Laura also offers practical advice around the Dos and Don’ts of searching for your ideal partner.

What's Included in Richer Love: Workbook & Journal

Journal Workbook: Your Richer Love Journal Workbook is your guide to following each video module and personalizing it with your thoughts and past experiences.

What's Included in Richer Love: Weekly Hypnotherapy Audio Tracks

12 Weekly Audio Hypnotherapy Sessions: Relax and let your mind take you to a place where you can clear the clutter, dispose of past negative experiences, and connect with the wisdom and insights of the subconscious mind. These weekly sessions are guided by Dating Coach and Hypnotherapist Laura Richer.

What's Included in Richer Love: Suggested Outside Reading

Suggested Outside Readings: Need more information on a topic? Give yourself some “extra credit” and take advantage of the suggested reading at the end of each module. Great for gaining additional insight for the new and improved you!

Ready for Richer Love?

Are you ready to release all of your baggage, soften around the edges, and open up to love?

Are you ready to feel empowered and excited about dating and meeting great men?

Are you ready to love your life and, in turn, find the true love you want and deserve?