Richer VIP Coaching

Richer VIP Coaching is a private, one-to-one coaching program with me, Master Life Coach Laura Richer. I work with a very limited number of VIP clients. That’s because Richer VIP Coaching is custom to you and your needs.

You have many coaching programs to choose from as well as many online courses. In my practice, I have discovered that 1:1 coaching is the quickest and most effective way to make a transformation and shift toward creating a life that you love. Why? Because it’s tailored to your specific needs with an expert to guide you, hold you accountable, and help you break through the blocks that have been holding you back. This level of support cannot be found in a group program. Enrollment in this program is limited to ensure that high support and personal attention is given to you.

Who can benefit from Richer VIP Coaching?

This program is for clients who are ready and willing to make radical changes in their lives on every level. This program is an investment of your time, energy, heart, and soul. While radical change sounds exciting, not everyone is ready for this kind of work. If you’re just contemplating making changes or only want to make a few tweaks, that’s okay! Check out my Richer Self-Worth program.

Richer VIP Coaching is for clients who …

  • Are 100% committed to growth, healing, and transformation.
  • Want to improve confidence and self-worth, so that they know their value and accept only what they are worth, both personally and professionally.
  • Are ready to work hard and want a high level of accountability.
  • Want to understand and enforce healthy and appropriate boundaries.
  • Are excited to transform multiple aspects of their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Are willing to release unhealthy patterns of addiction, self-sabotage, and co-dependent behaviors.
  • Are ready to learn how to say NO to what they don’t want so that they can create a life that they do
  • Want to learn how to use universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction, to manifest abundance and prosperity into their lives.


What’s included:

Richer VIP Coaching is tailored to you and your needs, and no two clients are alike.  Our one-on-one sessions will include life coaching, hypnotherapy as well as any other modalities that together we decide to employ.


Ready to become a VIP client?

Laura is not accepting Richer VIP Coaching clients at this time.